The 'freedom' to work for nothing

The 'freedom' to work for nothing

Recent highlights:

1. Figure 1: prevalence of unpaid labour on on-location labour platforms, Deliveroo and Takeaway (share of person-days, by form of unpaid labour)

2. Prevalence of unpaid labour on remote labour platforms: Malt and Upwork (share of person-days, by form of unpaid labour)

3. Although unpaid labour may be a feature of jobs elsewhere (think of freelance creative workers), unpaid labour within platforms is distinctive.

4. Comparison of two on-location food-delivery platforms—Deliveroo and Takeaway—has shown that the extent of unpaid labour required from workers depends on employment status, the payment system (piece-rate or hourly-paid) and the platform's use of new digital-intermediation technologies to govern labour

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The 'freedom' to work for nothing

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