Okuwobi-panel report and semantic manipulation

Okuwobi-panel report and semantic manipulation

Quick summary:

1. If intimidating dissenting views, hounding protesters into exile, freezing the bank accounts of protesters, assaulting people who testified before the panel, could not hide the truth of the crime against humanity that took place in Lekki on October 20, 2020, how would semantic manipulation do?

2. That said; the senior prefect of those who vehemently denied any military involvement, shooting or death of any protest at Lekki toll gate, the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, after a feeble attempt at maintaining his ground went underground, while the 'freelance defenders of the indefensible' unleashed themselves on our collective sensibilities, saying … Errrrrm, Errrrrm

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Okuwobi-panel report and semantic manipulation

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