Why Full-Time Freelance is not for me

Why Full-Time Freelance is not for me

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1. These can be people who've started freelancing while already financially stable; people who take on a wide mix of work they enjoy and that can sustain them; even just people who are just well-cut out for it, thriving on the stress of multiple deadlines and a rotating cast of editors.

2. So much of freelancing is balancing writing you're proud of with writing that pays—many of the freelancers I know also do public relations work or SEO, though from the outside it looks like their full-time work solely involves fun, glitzy journalism or literary projects.

3. What I'm slowly coming to terms with is the fact that, for me, full-time freelancing just isn't worth it—and that's not on me, but on an industry that makes it hard for individuals to succeed

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Why Full-Time Freelance is not for me

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