10 Best Cities to Be a Freelancer

10 Best Cities to Be a Freelancer

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1. Residents here enjoy New Hampshire's low -- read 0% -- state income and sales tax rates, as well as a moderate cost of living, all while being a short drive from Boston.

2. The cost of living can get high in Alaska thanks to this remote location, but you won't pay any state income taxes or local sales taxes.

3. The second-largest city in Alaska, Fairbanks has everything you could want in a city, including an international airport, while also offering the charm of a smaller town.

4. Additionally, you'll enjoy the 0% income tax rate of Washington, while having the opportunity to pop over into Oregon to shop without paying sales taxes.2.

5. Seattle, WAIf you like the big city but aren't a fan of paying income taxes, welcome to Seattle

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10 Best Cities to Be a Freelancer

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