3 Essential Business Tips For Freelancers

3 Essential Business Tips For Freelancers

Quick summary:

1. Per The Corporate Finance Institute's time management guide, poor time management has serious consequences: loss of control in your day-to-day, a broken workflow that makes you even less productive, and of course poor work quality.

2. According to this guide from Harlow, a freelance management tool company, your freelance business needs to have some parameters in place before you ink your first contract:

3. It's arguably even more important for freelancers and small business owners, many of whom get the bulk of their business from referrals and word of mouth.

4. How you'll track and organize your business expenses to ensure you're not leaving money on the table at tax time

5. How you'll market your freelance business and sell your services to clients

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3 Essential Business Tips For Freelancers

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