5 Freelance Jobs Being Transformed by AI

5 Freelance Jobs Being Transformed by AI

Quick summary:

1. Garry Kasparov, the chess grandmaster who famously lost a game to IBM's Deep Blue computer in 1997, coined the term Centaur for these kinds of partnerships between humans and AI. Kasparov was referring to instances where humans and artificial intelligence learn from each other how to play better chess, but the same idea applies to business.

2. Things that are second nature to the human brain, like interpersonal communication, are (at least for the time being) perplexing for even the most sophisticated AI. At the same time, wrangling huge amounts of data is virtually impossible for the average human.

3. The human element extends to the CPAs who answer users' tax questions and also prepare and review the tax return being filed

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5 Freelance Jobs Being Transformed by AI

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