6 Must-Have Tools for Freelance Copywriters

6 Must-Have Tools for Freelance Copywriters

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1. But before you can even start writing a new newsletter, blog post, or feature article, you need to come up with ideas.

2. Qwated is a website that connects journalists with trusted experts; there are plenty of people who'd be happy to contribute to a blog post in exchange for a link to their website.

3. Once you finish your article or any type of text, it's time to check how good it is.

4. While there are many tools to help with freelancer productivity, in this article, we'll focus on ones solely related to writing.

5. When you paste any text in Quillbot, it will offer you a different way to say it, which will ensure you don't plagiarize other writers and save time in the process

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6 Must-Have Tools for Freelance Copywriters

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