Can Officewear Ever Be Cool

Can Officewear Ever Be Cool

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1. When dreaming up her line, she kept in mind the needs of women at different life stages, whether that's slightly older women who are leaving the workforce because they want to look after kids, or women closer to my age, late twenties, early thirties, who don't have kids yet, who are leaving the workforce for six months to travel or try that creative project, or slowly transitioning out of full-time work into freelance.

2. Working with designer Natàlia Barros Vives, formerly of Paloma Wool, she created a two-piece jacket and trouser set that can be worn together for the appearance and feel of a jumpsuit, or styled with a dress shirt underneath it for a more corporate vibe—or a T-shirt for a casual Hailey Bieber effect

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Can Officewear Ever Be Cool

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