Economic growth in 2022 no mean feat

Economic growth in 2022 no mean feat

Recent highlights:

1. Growth will stem from three factors: first, the recovery from two slow years of low growth; second, the reduced impact of the Omicron variant and the high vaccination rate; and finally, world economic growth.

2. As inflation skyrockets, some vendors such as those in the Suan Prok community of Bang Phlat district have launched a pilot shop as part of the 'Khao Kaeng 20 baht for the community by the community' project to ease people's burdens.

3. The theoretical solution is to nip this in the bud by raising interest rates and cutting government spending to suppress demand before producers' rising costs are transferred to consumers.

4. Most economic research houses, government and private, projected Thailand would see GDP growth of 3

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Economic growth in 2022 no mean feat

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