Freelancers are filling the tech talent gap

Freelancers are filling the tech talent gap

Quick summary:

1. Not only do you have to compete for talent in the same traditional [full-time employment] space that you've had to before, the full-time talent pool isn't enough to get work done … If you as a company are not looking at remote talent and freelance, and your competitors are, well, they've got a big edge on you, she said.

2. They can leave little room for workers to improve their performance and come out alive, even if the employee makes a good-faith effort, reported my colleague Michelle Ma. She spoke with lawyers, HR experts and tech workers to find out why PIPs so frequently hurt the people they claim to help, and how to make them more effective for all involved.

3. Software company Autodesk appointed Rebecca Pearce as its chief people officer

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Freelancers are filling the tech talent gap

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