Judith goes to Africa - Hohogen Registry

Judith goes to Africa - Hohogen Registry

Recent highlights:

1. Not only the European hedgehog, but also Chinese forest hedgehogs and many other species of hedgehogs have been in decline for years.

2. We believe that hedgehogs are primarily insectivores, but the amount of prey and carcasses that hedgehogs eat is vastly underestimated.

3. Judith says she wants to start with European hedgehogs first, as there is already basic research on this subject and the results of her field research can therefore be verified.

4. Hoogeveen – Hedgehog fanatic Judith Dunkirk has been working to learn more about hedgehogs for several years.

5. According to Judith, not many people actually have the knowledge to help hedgehogs properly, and that's not surprising

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Judith goes to Africa - Hohogen Registry

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