what it is, price and how it operates

what it is, price and how it operates

Recent highlights:

1. In addition, Argentine self-employed professionals avoid change your funds between end of current month and beginning of next, since the price of PayPal and Payoneer balances go down, given the strong offer of freelancers looking to get cash after receiving payments.

2. In the last year, they grew 120% the amount of Argentines they only have one account of these means of payment, plus one bank savings bank configured on our platform , he points out to iProUP Gastón Levar, Argentine representative of Airtm.

3. Thus, the dollar freelois calculated from the price they get at change funds of these services (nominated in US ticket) on the platforms Person to person (P2P) like Airtm, Paxful or Balance.com.ar

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what it is, price and how it operates

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