Will Fiverr Recover in 2022

Will Fiverr Recover in 2022

Recent highlights:

1. Upwork is larger than Fiverr in terms of revenue, but Fiverr has grown its quarterly revenue 344% since 2018, compared to Upwork's 134% growth.

2. This subscription allows buyers to pay freelancers on a monthly, recurring basis for jobs, encouraging both buyers and sellers to actively stay on the platform -- giving Fiverr recurring revenue in the process.

3. These personalization features will not only attract freelancers to Fiverr but also retain them on the platform, making Fiverr's service more valuable for buyers and keeping its network effect cycle thriving. 

4. In the battle between Fiverr and Upwork, Fiverr has consistently come out on top for many years

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Will Fiverr Recover in 2022

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