Sometimes it is hard to predict every single aspect of your project. It requires a lot of confirmations from both sides.

For this reason, we provide a "Quota concept". This is like a internal currency that buyer can exchange to any improvements / changes in his order.

It is quite handy to skip time consuming communication and description of every single element of your project.

How quotas work:

  1. As a seller, you can set a number of quotas that will be assigned to the buyer when he confirms a milestone.

  2. You can specify an exact number of quotas buyer gets. And set an expiration time, when these quotas become unavailable.

  3. During your active order, in order to use quotas you need to create an Add-on. Just select "quotas" as currency and set a number of quotas as "price".

  4. When buyer confirms your Add-on, the number of quotas will be exchanged.

Benefits for a seller

  • Faster project launch
  • Save time on a project description / discussion

Benefits for a buyer

  • Avoid barriers if something was not mentioned in a project description
  • Step forward to get the results as expected

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