Sometimes it is hard to predict every single aspect of your project. It requires a lot of confirmations from both sides.

For this reason, we provide a "Quota concept". This is like a internal currency that you can exchange to any improvements / changes in this order.

Quotas are assigned after your confirmation

When you confirm the project milestone, you might receive a specified number of quotas.

Just confirm the delivery and quotas become available for you.

How to use quotas:

You can use quotas to "pay" for an Add-on only. Add-on is an additional services issued and provided by seller. If you agreed on some additional work, you may agree to use quotas as a "currency".

Quota disclaimer:

The number of quotas are determined by a seller. BIYRO is not responsible for a total number of quotas and for amount of quotas for a specific Add-on. Both these numbers are issued by a seller.

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