Add-ons in your project

Add-ons in your project

What is a project Add-on

It is an additional work that is provided within an actual project. It may contain an improvement, additional feature or an additional function.

It might be useful when both parties decide to extend the project with some additional stuff. It is easier to develop some additional feature during the project rather than in some time after project was finished.

Add-ons are created and issued by seller.

Tips for buyers

  • Please read the description of the received Add-on carefully
  • Please pay attention to the delivery time
  • And the payment (top right corner)

How much does it cost

Every single add-on is unique and created specially for a specific use-case. Add-on might might be a paid offer or can be exchanged for your available quotas.

This will be specified in Add-on description

Delivery time

Delivery time might extend the global project deadline. Please pay attention to the Add-on parameters in order to confirm this.

Offer expiration time

Seller is waiting for your decision, and we ask you to Confirm or Decline the received proposal within a specific timeframe.

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