Earn more with projects Add-ons

Earn more with projects Add-ons

You can earn more by providing an Add-on offer within a single project to your buyer.

This is an additional work that is provided within an actual project. It may contain an improvement, additional feature or an additional function.

It might be useful when both parties decide to extend the project with some additional stuff. It is easier to develop some additional feature during the project rather than in some time after project was finished.

How to create an Add-on

  1. Navigate to your projects dashboard
  2. Open a project you want to create an Add-on
  3. Navigate to Add-on tab and click Create button
  4. Describe your Add-on in details
  5. Select a currency and amount
  6. Send this Add-on offer to your buyer by clicking Send button below

How to exchange your Add-ons for quotas

According to your project settings, buyer may have an option to "buy" your Add-on using assigned quotas.

For this, please select "Quota" as a currency and type a number of quotas as an amount.

When buyer confirms your Add-on, he will use his quota credits as a payment method

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